Lead Conversion Squared System – Is It A Game Changer?

It seems the internet has been taken by storm from the latest product from Chad Nicely and Daven Michaels.

What is It?

The product is called Lead Conversion Squared and it’s promised to be the next game changer for those looking to build a business online.

The idea behind this launch 3 fold and is more than just a course.

  1. To give you the training (the know how) to build the business. While this is a very important piece of the equation this is where most stop at with a launch like this.
  2. They are arming you with their CRM white label software so you can help others with their lead flow and building a profitable business.
  3. Leads every month plus providing you with your very own trained virtual assistant.

As you can see this is different from the other launches as it has the software and the done for you element.

When Is the LCS2 Launch?

The dates are as follows:

Live 3 Day Masterclass: September 28-30th.

Cart goes live on October 1st.

Cart will close on October 9th.

The Truth About Traffic, Leads, and Conversions

Leads and Conversions are important enough that internet marketing superstar, Ryan Deiss has devoted an entire seminar named after it.

In fact, it’s the holy grail to having lasting success in the digital marketing world.

In order to get leads you need 3 things

  • Quality Traffic Source
  • An irresistible offer
  • The follow up mechanics taking lead into buyer as fast as possible.

That’s what is great about Lead Conversion Squared System is you have all of these elements.

Currently, the product isn’t available and no one has a legit review done except for this LCS2 review at https://thinktanklab.com/lead-conversion-squared/, which managed to grab early access and did a sneak peek of the member’s area.

As they have outlined, a new lead magnet that’s getting amazing results.

While we are still huge supporters of Kartra, however, the Lead Conversion Squared system looks to be something special for sure.

As you can see from the dates above, it’s going to be a rather long launch with lots of proof elements, lots of follow-ups and a lot of affiliates jockeying for position with the best bonus.

Is it for you?

We have not personally reviewed it other that the demo video we mentioned earlier which shows some real possibilities.

If their follow up systems are anything like their launch has been, then I’d say it’s a winner as they’re everywhere and the sequences have been next level.

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